Drive Human Activities from any business using a simple language:

receive order from customer
prepareOrder with order.value
when "prepareOrder terminates"
send preparOrder.result to customer

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Model your activities/business

An Orcha program describes how an organization works where humans, programs and devices exchange messages and coordinate their activities.
Whatever your activities are, Orcha speaks your business language:

receive passport from passenger
controlIdentity with

receive luggage from passenger
scanLuggage with luggage.value

when "scanLuggage fails and controlIdentity terminates"
alertAuthorities with controlIdentity.result

Orcha modelling language is easy to learn (a few set a instructions).

Your models written in Orcha are also programs. So just configure your Orcha program and simply run it to drive your business.

Orcha programs are:

  • Lightweight (no application server is needed)
  • Portable
  • Microservices compatible
  • Ready for production mode with a high quality of services

Integrate applications and devices

The Orcha language is also an integration language.

When you write:

receive passport from passenger

data for the passenger can come from:

  • Files
  • Sensors from the Internet of Things
  • SQL and NoSQL databases
  • ...

When you write:

controlIdentity with

controlIdentity is:

  • a Web Service
  • a local application
  • written in any programming language